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Where was Winter?

So this winter turned out to be a bit of damp squib, non of the spectacularly low temperatures we had to deal with last year.  We put a few things on "hold" thinking we may be under six feet of snow and freezing our fingers off.

Anyway the big freeze never turned up so we are throwing everything into gear, if not exactly top gear it is darned close.

New plans are afoot, which we are having to keep under our hats at the moment.  

Del is sitting at is desk at the moment (9pm) wrestling with some quotes for clients.

We spent a fruitful and very tiring weekend logging.  I know it isn't even Spring and we are thinking about next Winter.  But we use wood to run our home central heating and to heat the workshop.

Looks like Spring is going to be busy for us in the Workshop.  Mind you it looks as though it will be busy on the Smallholding too as lambing starts in April.

Take care


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