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The Storms and the aftermath

Not been on the blog, so to speak, for sometime now, the gales have wreaked havoc here with gusts topping out at around 108mph!  This means that lots of people have been effected with all sorts of damage, most of which is roof damage, tiles and slates being torn off roofs.  Which, for us, means we have been out in all weathers, and we means ALL weathers, on roofs, which can be interesting as well as wet, cold and windy.

We have a very good reputation for roofing and we are very conscientious and diligent in all areas of our building and joinery work, but no more so than when we are carrying out repairs to roofs and putting right flood damage, we understand how heartbreaking this can be for our clients to see there lovely homes suffer such damage.

We wish everyone, wherever they are, a safe and good recovery after this awful winter.  


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